Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So what's a 'cule'?

'Cule' is the Catalan word for an ass. Not as in donkey, but as in the rump in "rumpshaker". More important to this site, it's also used to denote fans of FC Barcelona. There's an accent on the 'e', but I don't bother with that on this site. If we're being technical, I believe it's actually supposed to be culer in Catalan. In Catalan, words that end in 'er' have an accent on the second syllable.

I believe the origin of the word comes from the time when Barcelona's stadium was in Les Corts, which is about a mile or so south of where it is now, the Camp Nou. Back then, the stadium was open ended, so people walking by on the street could see the fans from behind. Those walking on the street thus had a view of thousands of asses. Thousands of culers. At some point, culers was used to refer to fans of the team in general. Thus, the term 'cule,' which is the same term in Spanish spelling. I use the Spanish spelling on this site to prevent Americans from thinking that Barcelona fans refer to themselves as "coolers."

So grab a cold one and enjoy the site, folks!


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